Apr 18

  Once again Troop 325 headed out to the great out doors for the annual trek down to Hell’s Canyon, Idaho.  Nathan Lee lead a group of 20 Scouts and adults into the canyon for some great scenery, skills and a little rain.  I jinxed the trip by making comments earlier in the month about not having been on a really poor weather trip so I’ll take some responsibility.  Bob also wasn’t even there to blame so we’ll leave him alone on this.

   The weather wasn’t all that bad.  Once once we made it into Kirkwood ranch and after quick lunch the Troop was off to the smugglers cabin.  From there a group of adventurous Scouts took to the hills for a little free hiking / climbing up one of the hillsides.  The steep terrain was well worth some of the scenic views.

   Later that evening Andy made up a great natural desert using wild rhubarb and prickly pair cactus (along with a Jolly Rancher for seasoning).  Anyone brave enough got a taste.  He may not get the culinary award for the year, but he did score high for creativity and bravery.  Bedtime came a little early as the rains settled in for the evening, but we were greeted with blue skies Sunday morning and got the chance to dry out some of the gear.

   The group helped the caretakers with a couple of different service projects including freeing up some of the irrigation ditches and rerouting an overflowing creek around an out building. 

   Scouts worked on map reading skills and can now properly identify  many of the poisonous plants in the area.  All in all, a fun and successful trip.

- Steve Lee