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Free Topographical Maps

Instructions for downloading and printing selected parts

1.   Zoom in on the area of interest on the map of the US

2.   After you zoom in enough, click in the circle in front of "MARK POINTS".

3.   Click on your point of interest/campsite and a red tear drop will appear.

4.   Click on the tear drop and a menu will appear.

5.   In the menu, click on "download" for the map you are interested in; typically it is the 7.5x7.5 map.

6.   Then either open or save; I tend to save to a map file on my computer.

7.   After it is downloaded, I click to extract the file and designate the map file

8.   The file will then appear as a pdf file

9.   I click on the file to open it

10. I then zoom in and move around the map until I get to the area I want

11. Then, when I want to print that part of the map, I click on "current view" in the printer specs box and print it.

12. After talking to Larry, I found that if you use a clear polyurethane spray on the printed map/paper, it will be pretty waterproof/water resistant


Knot Tying Resource – Passed on by Mr. Schaffer.  Possibly the coolest knot typing website ever!