Nov 22

On November 20th – 21st, Troop 325 ventured into the hills near Wallace, Idaho for the first winter trip of the fall.  20 Scouts and 8 dads braved some chilly weather for a 2 mile snowshoe hike up into French Gulch located just outside Burke, Idaho.  With all the younger Scouts in the Troop, it was a great trip to get used to being outdoors in the colder weather and surviving in style.  According to our resident meteorologist, Marc Connally, the temperatures hovered around 6 degrees in the morning hours.  Needless to say, no one was overanxious to crawl out of their sleeping bags Sunday morning.  Scouts spent time learning new skills like setting up camp sites, designing cooking areas and building fires in the snow and most importantly, keeping your body warm in cold temperatures.  The tip of the trip was pouring boiling water into your Nalgene and placing that in the foot of your sleeping bag before bed.  The trip concluded with a giant snowball fight where many a Scoutmaster was targeted for a chilly refreshment.

- Steve Lee


Scouts always do a garbage sweep before breaking camp and end up doing push-ups for each item of trash left behind.